About me
How the company was established in 2009 I had the honor of providing these same services to my father in his final days. We did have a few companies coming out to provide service. I observed them treating him like a dollar sign, meaning rushing take care this client and on to the next. This didn't sit well with me. "Mr. Still" was a man who dedicated his life to his family, a man who had many accomplishments under his belt.
I believe that at any stage in life a person should not be treated like a client and more of a person, treated with individual care tailored to their need. I believe in promoting a clients quality of life, independence and dignity and this is how Abiding Home Care LLC was founded. Where we are "not just friends, We are FAMILY" Abiding Home Care LLC agency is dedicated to help comfort others who are having difficulties and struggles during the most trying times of their lives.
Shenela "shana" Brown
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